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Development Digest: Engaging Emotions to Change Behavior Through Market Simulation Training

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photo: Kristin Kelly Jangraw
Kristin Kelly Jangraw
Communications Specialist

Kristin Kelly Jangraw is a Communications Specialist with the Feed the Future Knowledge-Driven Agricultural Development Project.

She has previously worked at The Clinton Foundation, Volunteers of America, and Yahoo. She graduated from Princeton University and lives in Washington, DC. 

On September 24, Microlinks hosted a webinar entitled "Simulating the Market to Change Agribusiness Behavior," which focused on innovative ways to approach behavior change in market systems. Margie Brand of EcoVentures International and Annah Macharia of Technoserve Kenya shared their insights.

Market simulation trainings are interactive, allowing participants to test various decisions and immediately see their impact. This allows people to experience the emotions that really drive behavior change - like disappointment and shock - but to do so in a safe, risk-free space.

You can find resources from the event - including the presentation slides - here

Microlinks live-tweeted the webinar. Below are some of the key takeaways: