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VC Learning Event Video Note: Jennefer Sebstad, Marian Boquiren, and Lindsey Jones on gender and behavior change

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In this video, Jennefer Sebstad interviews Marian Boquiren and Lindsey Jones about the session in which all three presented, "Understanding Gender and Culture in Market Systems," during the February 7-8, 2012 USAID Learning Event, "Meeting the Challenges of Value Chain Development." Read more about the session and check out the related resources here »


Bio: Jennefer Sebstad, USAID Microenterprise Development office

Jennefer Sebstad is a development specialist working on programs to expand income, employment and asset building opportunities for low-income people in Africa and Asia. Since the 1980s she has worked as a researcher, evaluator, and program designer in the areas of microfinance, enterprise development and livelihood programming. Currently, she works with USAID’s Office of Microenterprise Development supporting the office’s work on market and financial inclusion with a focus on vulnerable groups. She previously worked as an independent consultant, a program officer for Ford Foundation, and a researcher with the Self Employed Women’s Association in India. She is a co-author of Microfinance, Risk Management, and Poverty and has written articles and reports on the impact of microfinance and enterprise development programs and the demand for microinsurance. Sebstad has lived in Ethiopia, Kenya, and India and has an M.A. in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of California, Los Angeles and an A.B. in South and Southeast Asian Studies from the University of Michigan.

Bio: Marian Boquiren, SDCAsia

Marian Boquiren has more than 20 years of experience, specializing in the design, management, and implementation of enterprise development programs focusing on non-financial support structures for MSME development and pro-poor value chain development. In 2003, she co-founded a local Philippine non-profit organization now known as SDCAsia. As Manager of SDCAsia, she oversees day-to-day operations while spending most of her time implementing project activities. Prior to this, she worked with Swisscontact in the Philippines and was the first local employee appointed as manager of the Swisscontact country program office. Boquiren also worked as the head of the Design Business Development Unit of the Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines.

Bio: Lindsey Jones , ACDI/VOCA

Lindsey Jones is ACDI/VOCA’s gender specialist and head of the Gender Integration and Women’s Empowerment unit. She has managed, led or participated in eight gender analyses and assessments for international food security, agricultural development and community development programs in the Middle East, Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. She advises ACDI/VOCA staff on mainstreaming gender equity strategies throughout program operations. Jones is also experienced in research methodologies and data quality standards, particularly in leading data quality assessments and survey design. She has an M.A. from Georgetown University in Arab Studies with a concentration in women and gender studies.